Identity Theft

Identity theft has reached epidemic proportions in America. You can be made the victim of it by a total stranger almost as easily as by a family member, friend or business associate. It can be the result of something as obvious as the loss of a wallet or purse through theft or the result of something more subtle such as the unauthorized access to or viewing of your personal identification credit information. Family, friends or business associates are more commonly the culprits because they already have easy access to your personal identifiers. In either case, the result is a nightmarish experience for the innocent consumer that potentially last for years. Out of the blue you begin to receive debt collection calls or letters. Or, you may even begin to notice strange inquiries or tradelines on any of yourconsumer reports. That is when you need to go into action. You begin by contacting a lawyer experienced in the area of Fair Credit Reporting  litigation such as ourselves who will immediately instruct you on what to do including, among other things, to dispute any fraudulent accounts along with the execution of any documents such as an identity theft affidavit which you can link to below.


Identity Theft Affidavit

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