For Advertisement Purposes Only-Please Help Us With The Following:

NEED HELP AGAINST JEFF WYLER. Anyone having a dispute, problem or issue with any of the numerous Jeff Wyler dealerships in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, please call or write us.

NEED HELP FROM FORTVILLE, INDIANA RESIDENTS: If this is being read by any Fortville, Indiana resident who has suffered a termination of their water service and has had to pay a reconnection charge or fee in order to restore service, please contact this office.

NEED HELP AGAINST LEVY & ASSOCIATES: Attorney Yale Levy runs one of the largest debt collection operations in the state of Ohio which sues on behalf of countless creditors in every part of the state; many of them distressed debt buyers to whom we have referred. Mr. Levy’s office is notorious for carelessness resulting in every conceivable fdcpa violation. We’ve also noticed that he pushes the envelope in connection with his debt collection activity often inventing new debt collection scams in the field that no one else has thought of. If you are contacted by the Law Office of Yale Levy or  sued by it, it is well worth your time to contact us first before giving in to Mr. Levy and his staff.

NEED HELP AGAINST SARCHIONE CHEVROLET, INC: We have recently filed a class action suit against this operation located in Alliance, Ohio. Sarchione freely engages in the spot delivery scam whereby it tells customers that they have been approved by a third party lender and may deliver the vehicle to the customer only to tell them a short time later that they have been denied credit and demand that they return the vehicle. Except that Sarchione neglects to mention that it has already agreed to extend credit under a retail installment sales contract which contract it chooses not to honor. We could use some more class members in this case. If you have had this unpleasant experience with Sarchione, please contact us.

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