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Scammers and Scams to Watch Out For


We want to hear from you if you have had an unpleasant experience with any of the following operations.





Levy & Associates, Yale R. Levy

BEWARE: Yale Levy & Levy and Associates are now operating under a new name, Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Levy PC. The name is new but the dirty tricks, lies and scams are not.



A collection attorney who will find creative ways to "stretch" the ethical boundaries in connection with the collection of any debt. More accurately, his ethics know no bounds. His bread and butter is to lie, cheat and conceal. He claims to be on the "cutting edge." More appropriately on the cutting edge of dreaming-up a scam to seize your assets.



Autovest, LLC.












CheckRedi of Kentucky

A bottom-feeding debt buyer which specializes in the purchase of old defaulted retail installment sales contracts primarily from Wells Fargo. It will sue on time-barred debts which happen to have been in default for than 4 years prior to the date suit is filed. If this has happened to you please contact us. We have a class action lawsuit pending addressing this and you can be part of it


A Debt Collection company that specializes in hounding consumers who will mistakenly bounce checks for as little as $6. See Link for Details



Jeff Wyler

Any of the Wyler Dealerships Will "Try to Knock Your Head-Off ". You will forfeit the right to sue them for anything the moment you sign a credit application.


Wells Fargo

Another company which will continue to access your personal and confidential credit information even after you stop doing business with it. See Godby vs. Wells Fargo










Credit Reports






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