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Attorney Steven Shane has been seeking economic justice for low and middle income consumers in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for over 40 years. The purpose of this site is both to provide helpful information as well as to offer our services. From time to time we will post materials and information which, hopefully, will be of use and a benefit to you. Steve Shane and his staff are dedicated to leveling the playing field between you,  a consumer, and any business or corporate entity which has the means to oppress and take advantage of you. Fighting battles for and protecting individual consumers from predatory business practices is our specialty. Steve and his staff can fight back on your behalf and defend you against any abuse and to pursue claims on your behalf against greedy corporate bullies.


  • Defending Debt Collection Suits Brought By Debt Buyers
  • Claims against automobile dealers and sellers who engage in fraudulent, deceptive, unconscionable and unfair sales practices
  • Claims against Manufacturers for defective automobiles (lemons)
  • Claims against debt collectors and payday lenders who engage in unlawful abusive debt collection
  • Claims against credit furnishers and credit reporting agencies who report inaccurate and incomplete credit information
  • Claims involving Identity Theft
  • Claims against persons or companies that access your personal and confidential credit information without a permissible purpose
  • Claims of violation of Constitutional Due Process and Equal Protection involving access to and retention of water services and deprivation of other constitutional rights

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Practice Areas

Debt Collection Abuse
Debt Collection Abuse

Some important things you need to keep-in-mind when deciding whether you have a case.

Auto<br />

Anyone who has ever visited a car dealership to buy or lease knows what an ordeal it can be.

Credit<br />

You can’t physically touch, smell or taste it but your most important asset is your credit score.

Access To Public Utilities
Access To Public Utilities

We sue cities, towns and villages which turn off or prevent you from having water service.

Lemon<br />

The state of Ohio has one of the best and most consumer friendly Lemon Laws in the nation.

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